Exercises to Help a Person Run Faster

Exercises to Help a Person Run Faster
There are specific exercises and drills that will help you increase your speed and obtain your racing goals. To run faster you must increase your strength and power and get your body accustomed to running at faster speeds. Speed training is very intense, so don't overdo it.

Strength Training

Strength training is important to overall health and fitness, as well as helping you run faster. Concentrate on multiple joint movements like squats and deadlifts. These help your muscles work together while strengthening them and their connective tissues. Do these exercises two to three times a week.

Power Excercises

Explosive power exercises help you generate speed. Plyometrics are skipping and bounding exercises that simulate the push and drive of your legs while running fast. These exercises teach your body what to do when running fast. Do these exercises only once a week.

Tempo Runs and Intervals

The best way to learn how to run faster is to simulate it in training. Intervals are short, fast sprinting workouts that help increase leg turnover and strength. Tempo runs are longer, sustained efforts that increase endurance. You should incorporate one tempo and one interval session into your training per week.

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