The Best Trolling Rods

The Best Trolling Rods
Trolling is a fishing technique that involves the use of multiple rods and fishing lures to cover the water column from top to bottom while searching for actively feeding fish. The rods for this particular technique have developed greatly over the past decade due to the use of different lines such as copper and lead core. The best trolling rods provide the strength needed to deal with the strain of trolling at various speeds while having the power to wear out that trophy fish on the other end of the line.

Shimano Talora

The Talora series of trolling rods from Shimano are designed for specific techniques, from planner boards and divers to wire line. The rods range in length from 7 to 10 feet; have a power rating of either medium or medium heavy; and are rated for 10- to 30-pound test lines. The TLA-80MRG-2 model is unique in that it comes standard with roller guides to handle copper wire lines that are preferred by professional salmon anglers. 2009 suggested pricing ranges from $69.95 to $139.95.

Okuma Convector GL

Okuma's Convector GL series of trolling rods cover every big-water trolling application with these technique specific rods. With six downrigger rods, two diver rods, two copper/leadcore rods and three wire-line rods, Okuma has a trolling rod for any species you may encounter. Made from durable E Glass rod blanks and Pacific Bay components, the Okuma Convector rods are built to last. 2009 suggested pricing ranges from $74.94 to $179.95.

Shakespeare Ugly Stick

While Shakespeare may have only three rods in its trolling series, they are designed to be durable in order to meet the demands professional anglers need from their gear. There are two downrigger rods that are 8 and 9 feet in length and rated for 6- to 20-pound test line. The diver rod is 10 feet in length and is rated to handle 12- to 30-pound test line. All of the Shakespeare Ugly Stick trolling rods come standard with a five-year warranty. 2009 suggested pricing ranges from $49.95 to $54.95.

Article Written By Brian M. Kelly

Brian M. Kelly has been freelance writing since 2003. His work has been published in respected outdoor magazines such as Outdoor Life, Great Lakes Angler and Salmon Trout Steelheader. He holds an associate's degree in automated machine design from Macomb College.

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