Camping Stove Styles

Types Camping StovesWhen it comes to camping the backcountry or at a campground, having the right camping stove is essential. There are several variations of camping stoves on the market; the key is finding one that works for the type of setting that it will be used in. Backpackers and hikers typically use smaller stoves that fit in a backpack or strap over a carrying case. Camping is all about conserving space. A camping stove is typically a space saver as well as fuel efficient--saving time and money.

Pocket and Backpack Stoves

Pocket or backpack stoves are generally small and conveniently fold or fit in a backpack. Many of these stoves consist of a propane and isobutene blend of fuel. This stove has a type of tank that is small and portable but generally able to provide heat only for up to three hours. The small burner can be placed on the ground away from debris. The tank is attached to the side of the stove--providing a flame. A small pan or coffee pot can be used to make soups and boil water. A popular pocket stove is the Primus Gravity EF II stove--powered from LP gas. This stove has a windscreen to prevent the flame from extinguishing in high winds. The Brunton Lander Dual Fuel Expedition stove weighs only 16 ounces and runs off of a butane and propane mix--making it portable and cost efficient.


Propane stoves are popular among primitive campers or those who travel off the beaten path. Propane tanks are inexpensive and range from large to small and portable sizes. The Coleman Propane Grill Stove has an open-air grill and stove top surface heating. With dimensions of 23.8 by 15 by 7.25 inches, this stove gives out 10,000 BTUs of heat. This stove also has adjustable flame control and side blocks to keep the flame ignited at all times. The Coleman Fold-N-Go Two Burner Stove offers a dual cooking surface with 10,000 BTUs on both sides and compact portability.

Fuel Tab

Fuel tab stoves are a safe and convenient way to have fuel no matter where the campsite is. Portable and predictable, the fuel tab stove burns through altitudes over 11,000 feet. This stove is perfect for mountain climbing and high-altitude expeditions. The Vargo Outdoors Triad XE Titanium is lightweight at only 1.5 ounces. With a small 2.75-by-1-inch frame, this stove fits conveniently in a large pocket or backpack. Cost efficient at under $35; this stove is a mountain trekker's best friend.


Many prefer the smoky taste of a charcoal stove. While economical, charcoal isn't always practical--especially for the traveling outdoorsman. The Cook N Carry Charcoal Grill offers the convenience and portability of a single cooker. This stove comes with a double-latched top lid that makes it easy to carry. While somewhat pricey at around $52, the stove is worth the price because of convenience.

Natural Burning Stove and Wood

For the environmentally conscience, a natural fuel burning or wood stove is a great option. Natural fuel burning stoves offers free fueling and are great for emergency preparedness as well. Woodgas-stove offers a selection of stoves that use solar energy, kindling and paper to fuel the stove. While not as hot as a propane stove, it will save money over time and help the environment. These stoves weigh around only 2 pounds and offer a great way to cook in almost any location. The price of these stoves range from $50 to $75.

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