About Grappling Hooks for Climbing

About Grappling Hooks for Climbing
Grappling hooks were not originally made for climbing. They were first invented to use on naval ships. The main purpose was to launch them at an enemy ship to pull them close or to tear into the other ship or its sails. Today they are used by many such as climbers, military personnel, police and rescue workers.


A grappling hook's main purpose is to hook onto something. In climbing the hook is meant to attach to an area away from the climber so he can get past an area that has no visible way to climb with regular means. It is also sometimes used as a safety device to keep a climber from falling while he attempts to climb an area that is a bit more risky. The hook can reach a place where it can get a good hold when the climber cannot.


Grappling hooks come in different types. There is the basic hook that most have seen in the movies, with a metal rod and three or four hooks on one end. There is the folding hook that can be folded up and stored, which makes it easier for climbing. And the best hook for climbing is the compact grappling hook which is small and lighter. It folds up as well and can be filled with sand or water to give it weight for throwing.

How To

To use a grappling hook, in most cases, all you have to do is hold onto the rope that is attached to the end of the hook and start swinging it. Once you have built up enough swing, aim the hook in the direction you want it to go and let go of the rope. Hopefully the hook will grab hold of something. Make sure that it is secure by tugging on the rope with some strength to see if it will give way.

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