ATV Trails in Utah

ATV Trails in Utah
Utah has an abundance of public land that is open to ATV use. The state offers hundreds of miles of trails that are open to off road motor vehicles; however, ATV use must be in designated areas only. You can contact the local United States Forest Service and Bureau Of Land Management for free maps that clearly outlines the areas and regions that are open for ATV use. Off road vehicles are not allowed in any wilderness areas, national parks, or on lake shores. Many locations in Utah rent ATV's and offer guided tours.

Paiute ATV Trail

South Central Utah has a 275-mile loop ATV trail that is known as Paiute. Riders will wind through towns and even have choices of offshoot trails that span for hundreds of miles to other locations. Riding the trail is a leisurely experience that is enjoyed by many families. Campsites and fishing are available throughout the region. Views tend to be excellent, especially at the higher elevations, and wildlife watching is popular for riders. The main loop of the trail will take a rider 25 hours to complete.

The best weather riding is spring through fall. Early spring riding is often blocked at the higher elevations by snowdrifts.

The Paiute ATV trail can be accessed in the cities of Marysvale, Beaver, Richfield, Fillmore and Salina. ATV's are even allowed on special designated streets in each one of these towns.


Offroad Trails Located Outside Zion National Park

ATV's are not allowed inside of Zion National Park but there are many riding opportunites on the outskirts.

Sand dunes in the region draw riders, and there are two places to enjoy this riding experience at two state parks outside Zion. ATV riding is allowed at Sand Hollow and Coral Pink Sand Dunes. Both areas offer sand riding ATV experiences.

West Desert

Spring and fall riding can be enjoyed in the very dry West Desert which sits west of the town of Delta. This area offers very little water or fuel so please plan ahead. It is quite remote and desolate, so you should be prepared for any mechanical or physical emergencies. Riding can also be enjoyable in the winter if you pack for the cold nights.

Trailheads for the Conger Mountain region are the Little Valley Well and Kings Canyon. This trail system is 127 miles long.

Trailheads for the Burbank Mountains region are Cedar Pass and Red Pass which are located on the east side. Pruess Lake and Mormon Gap Reservoir are located on the westside. The trail system is made up of 98 miles of various trails.

Johnson Pass, Little Sage Valley, Cedar Pass and Headlight Canyon are located in the Cricket Mountains. These trailheads have over 129 miles of trails that are quite diverse.

San Rafael Swell

San Rafael Swell trails cover 2,000 miles through sandstone formations. canyons, and various desert landscapes. This trail system has several access points. You can access the trailhead from Green River and Interstate 70 South or Highway 191/6 North. You can also find access to the trail system at Highway 10 West.


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