Different Types of Fishing Lures

Different Types of Fishing LuresDifferent types of fishing lures vary not only in size and weight, but also in the way they are set up to trick the fish. Use some lures to simply attract fish to the strike, while you can use others to mimic the use of actual bait fish. Losing a lure is a sometimes costly mistake, especially if it is vegetation that snags the lure rather than a biting fish. Although lures are more costly than bait, anglers swear by them because they appear to attract far more fish than bait has ever managed. Storing fishing lures requires a sizable tackle box or hauler storage bag to prevent the various lures from getting snagged.

Spoon Lures

Choose spoon lures, the quintessential fishing lures currently for sale, if you are fishing in a venue with a lot of vegetation covering the bottom. Because it reflects the light, a shiny spoon lure in an otherwise green and brown environment is sure to catch the attention of a trout or other fish that is swimming in and around the vegetation.


Spinnerbait Lures (pictured)

Opt for a spinnerbait lure when you are trying to catch fish that prey on smaller fish. These lures mimic the movement and also the vibrations associated with small fish, and it is this appearance of being prey that causes the target fish to get hooked on the lure. Depending on the blade portion of the spinnerbait lure, you may find it under the names of Colorado blade or willow leaf blade. You will most likely also encounter other monikers. Use measured movements to gently propel the spinnerbait lure through the water, so that the illusion of a prey fish works.

Surface Lures

Use surface lures when fishing for species that rise to the water's surface to feed on injured insects or those that fall into the water. This makes surface lures mimicking moths or cicadas perfect when fishing for bass. Find two hooks attached to these lures---sometimes more---that allow you to hook a fish, no matter from which side of the lure it attacks. Apply jerky movements to this kind of lure to imitate the movements of a panicked insect.

Plug Lures

Pick out plug lures for bagging bigger fish. You recognize them as being the multicolored lures that feature two, three or more hooks, depending on size. They mimic bait fish and also other sea creatures. These are great for bigger fish, in which case you will find that they may actually be segmented to mimic the movement of larger bait fish.

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