European Garden Tours

European Garden Tours
The elaborate European gardens designed by kings, dukes and viscounts are legendary. Horticulturalists travel from around the globe to explore the gardens of Marseilles or lose themselves in the vast Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew. Regardless whether you are interested in epic public gardens or would rather visit some lesser-known areas, there a variety of options and tours available.

Mondes et Merveilles Voyages

Mondes et Merveilles has been one of Europe's leading garden tour companies for more than 15 years. These garden experts offer more than 30 standard tours that change depending on the time of year or they can customize one to match your interests. The company's guides boast that they can give you a tour of English, French and Italian gardens, all in the same day. Each evening, guests stay in quaint inns often located in garden areas. Throughout the day, your guide might take you to herb and vegetable gardens to collect fresh food that your chef will use to prepare dinner.

Mondes et Merveilles Voyages
7, rue du 29 Juillet,
Paris, France
011 (+33) 1 42 60 34 54

French Gardens Today

French Gardens Today focuses on new, contemporary French gardens. The tours include visits to many private gardens on the grounds of some of France's most exclusive chateaus. French Gardens Today develops your itinerary and supplies an expert horticulturist guide, but allows you to make your own lodging arrangements. You will be supplied with a list of recommendations, if you prefer.

French Gardens Today
The Manor House,
Alton, Hampshire, U.K.
011 (44) 1420 541321

Boxwood Tours

Boxwood Tours specializes in high-end garden tours in the United Kingdom, Italy and Ireland. Its tours include visits to many private gardens, with an opportunity to meet the owners and gardeners at many of the stops. Tours include coach transportation, stays in exclusive hotels, meals in exceptional restaurants, and guided visits to many public and private gardens. Personalized programs are also available.

Boxwood Tours
Rhiw, Llanbedr,
Gwynedd, Wales
011 (+44) 1341 241 717

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