Grappling Hooks for Climbing

Grappling Hooks for Climbing
A basic grappling hook is a hook with a rope attached it. It is used mainly as a way to help climb up an area or get across an area where it is difficult to do so without assistance. Rock climbers sometimes use them for icy conditions or when they know there will be areas that they are needed. Police and military personnel use the grappling hook to climb walls or get across obstacles. Even though in the past they were originally used by ships to help catch enemy vessels and pull them in, grappling hooks have found many more uses today.

Basic Style

Today there are several different types of grappling hooks to choose from. The basic hook has a center bar with three or four hooks coming off the end. The other end of the bar has a loop where the rope can be attached. The person using it will take the end of the rope just below the bar and swing it around. When enough speed is built up, the rope is released in the direction that the hook is needed. The hook then grabs hold of an object as it is pulled back toward the thrower.

Folding Hooks

More modern grappling hooks can be folded down for storage purposes. This makes them a better choice for climbing since they can be packed away. But they are not necessarily the best choice for long climbs.


For a long climb there its best to use a pocket grappling hook. It is a small, compact apparatus with flat metal pieces that pop out to act as the hooks. They can be pushed in for storage and the whole thing is more compact for an entirely lighter tool.


There are some hooks that can be propelled through the air by a machine or type of gun. This gives the hooks the possibility of greater distance.

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