Off Road Trails in Nova Scotia

Off Road Trails in Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia, a Canadian province on the eastern coast, boasts a majestic landscape that provides an ideal location for off-road exploration. When riding an off-road vehicle in Nova Scotia, remember that all operators must wear an approved helmet and have white headlights that are visible for a minimum of 300 feet and red tail lights visible for 200 feet. The province offers many trails for your off-road adventures, no matter the sport or season.

Off-road Motorcycle Trails

The Nova Scotia Off Road Riders Association (NSORRA) has been very active in opening and refurbishing trails for off-road motorcycles. The main trails currently in use by the organization are Craigmore Creek Off Road Motorcycle Park, the Hiltz Road Trail and South Alton Trail. All of them are open seasonally and have rules posted at the sites that must be followed. Your riding ability will be tested as you navigate around natural terrain with obstacles including hills, rocks, mud and logs. NSORRA has several additional trails in the works for future use.

Nova Scotia Off Road Riders Association
#3 - 644 Portland Street
Suite # 209
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2W 2M3

Snowmobiling Trails

The province has an extensive snowmobile trail system operated by the Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia (SANS). With over 2,100 miles of trails traversing the countryside, this is a perfect winter recreational activity. Twenty-one regional snowmobile clubs make up the network that runs and maintains the trails. Permits to ride are required. Residents of the province can purchase their permits through their local club or many local businesses. Nonresidents can contact SANS or one of their many clubs. Three-day or season passes are available.

Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia
5516 Spring Garden Road, 4th Floor
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1G6
(902) 425-5450

All Terrain Vehicle Trails

The All Terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia (ATVANS) is a great resource to go to for finding trails. ATVANS was formed to promote safe, responsible use of ATVs in Nova Scotia. The group maintains a strong network of local clubs who have a vast knowledge of local area riding spots. Many of these local clubs place a strong emphasis on developing and maintaining environmentally friendly trails. Trails recommended by local clubs include the East River Valley Shared Use Trail in Pictou County and the Isle Madame trail system in Arichat.

All Terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia
P.O. Box 46020
Novalea RPO
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5V8
(902) 241-3200

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