Ice Fishing Tips for River Walleye

Ice Fishing Tips for River Walleye
Winter doesn't have to be devoid of big walleye action. Once the ice depth reaches about four inches, you can get out on your local river and continue the pursuit of your trophy.

Search for New Ice

New ice is the best time to hook up with walleye in the winter. Bait fish will collect under new ice, providing a feeding ground for bigger fish.

Go Early and Stay Late

Walleye are light sensitive, so dawn and dusk are going to be the times they are most active.

A Clean Hole is a Happy Hole

After you're done drilling, control yourself for a few moments and clean out your hole before dropping your first line. This will keep your first hook-up from being ruined by the tangles and breaks that ice chunks can cause.

Start Aggressive and Mellow Out

Start your jigging out aggressively and slowly mellow out until you find the tempo that will get the fish to strike.

Don't Get Caught Under the Bridge

Ice underneath bridges can often times be thinner and less stable than the ice on other parts of the river. Avoid driving or walking under the bridge if you have any doubt.

Choosing a Late Season Spot

Look for a place where a creek empties into the river late season. The water movement will likely attract fish. Just watch your ice depth.

Getting Active

If the fish are active, get their attention by twitching the bait for six to eight seconds, then let it rest. The strike will come on the rest.

Roll With It

As the season goes on, fish become accustomed to the up and down jigging motion. Set your bait apart by twisting your line between your fingers, causing it to spin.

Article Written By Mati Bishop

Mati Bishop has been a freelance writer since 1999. He has been published in "Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine," the "Hawaii Wellness Directory," "Kailua-Kaneohe Sunpress" and a collection of Web sites. Bishop studied journalism at Windward Community College on Oahu, Hawaii.

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