The Best Fishing Kayaks

The Best Fishing Kayaks
Purchasing a fishing kayak can be a large investment, so when choosing one, the kayaker should carefully consider features and options. While many standard kayaks nowadays offer an optional "angler" edition, it's important to look at these fishing kayaks carefully and assess whether the kayak meets your needs. Features to consider include maneuverability, the option to accommodate a second passenger, and options for dive gear; there is even a foot-propelled kayak on the market.

Cobra Pro Fisherman

Cobra's Pro Fisherman measures over 13 feet with a narrow beam, and weighs just 51 pounds making it a lightweight, more maneuverable kayak, great for fishing on open water. Features include a multitude of storage compartments, including a covered bait well; a tank holder; and side storage compartments, great for storing lures. In addition, the kayak has plenty of flat deck space perfect for adding more hatches. The kayak can also be fitted with an electric trolling motor and has recesses perfect for storing rods.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler

The Prowler 13 Angler edition is another light, maneuverable kayak, measuring just over 13 feet and weighing in at 54 pounds. Features include a large hatch in the bow, an oversized tank well and bungee to keep everything in place, and rigging at multiple points for you to mount gear. It also comes with a smaller, 6-inch-wide cam lock hatch and storage bucket as well as molded cup and rod holders.

Hobie Mirage Outback

The Hobie Mirage Outback contains the mirage drive system, which allows tired kayakers to stop paddling with their arms and use their feet instead, or use the drive in conjunction with the paddle. The mirage drive system features foot pedals that work two fins located at the bottom of the kayak. The mirage drive frees up your hands so you can hold onto your rod. The kayak features two small and one large storage hatch, recessed storage locations for your paddle, four molded rod holders, a pair of molded cup holders and numerous other molded storage wells.

Cobra Fish n' Dive XF

The Cobra Fish n' Dive XF is an updated version of the original Cobra Fish n' Dive kayak. It includes a new tank well with a custom tray to hold bait buckets. The kayak offers plenty of storage space perfect for both fishing and for kayak diving. While the kayak is a one-person kayak, it includes a jump seat space for an additional person. The kayak can be fitted with an optional motor, but there is still plenty of room for rod holders, a bait tank, a tackle box and scuba gear. It is one of the largest and most stable fishing/diving kayaks.

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