Inexpensive Eco Gifts

Inexpensive Eco Gifts
It is possible to give your nature-loving friends and family members eco-friendly gifts that won't break your budget. Treat your loved ones to products that are as good for the earth as they are for them. Look for items featuring recycled materials and refashioned vintage pieces. If you want to surprise someone with edible treats, choose items made from organic and Fair Trade-certified ingredients. Give a green gift and promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Eco-friendly Winter Accessories

Give a friend the gift of earth-friendly cold-weather fashion. Choose a brightly colored scarf and mitten set made from material remnants gathered from apparel factories. Each piece will feature a one-of-a-kind pattern and color combination.

Recycled Jewelry

Treat your girlfriend to a necklace pendant made of recycled materials. Choose a circular-shaped design made out of recycled glass bottles for a sleek, modern look. For a writer, pick a pendant made out of vintage typewriter keys, such as ones created by Junxtaposition (see Resources); pick the letter that corresponds with her first name.

Organic Coffee

Treat your coffee-loving friend to freshly roasted, organic coffee beans. Take the earth-friendly gift a step further by purchasing Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance-certified beans, such as the ones from Dean's Beans Coffee or Sweetwater Organic Coffee (see Resources). Place the beans in a hand-painted ceramic mug for an artistic touch.

Natural Candles

Give natural beeswax or eco-friendly soy candles as house-warming gifts. Beeswax is not only fragrant, it is nontoxic and soot-free. Soy candles are also soot-free and biodegradable and have a long-lasting fragrance. When buying the candles, avoid lead-based wicks, which can create a health hazard. For nature lovers, choose candles in fresh scents, such as grass or pine.

Recycled Rubber Pouch

Outdoor enthusiasts will love receiving a recycled rubber pouch, which will hold their cell phones, keys and other small items while they are hitting the trail. The pouches, such as the ones offered by Green Guru Gear, are made from recycled inner tubes and feature zipper closures and vibrantly colored details (see Resources).

Article Written By Elizabeth Arnold

Elizabeth Arnold has written for a wide variety of publications and websites. Her experience includes writing travel features for "Recommend" magazine and packaging marketing copy for both Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Warner Bros. consumer products. Recently, Arnold was a staff writer for "Special Events" magazine. Arnold studied English at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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