Best Northern Pike Lakes in Connecticut

Best Northern Pike Lakes in Connecticut
The northern pike in Connecticut has expanded its territory thanks primarily to the state's Department of Environmental Protection. Pike have been introduced into a few lakes as part of a plan to allow Connecticut anglers an opportunity to fish for them. Fingerlings that are introduced into bodies of water around the state have grown to huge proportions, with 10 to 15 pound pike common and some around 20 pounds not out of the question.

Northeastern Connecticut

In northeastern Connecticut, there are two lakes where northern pike now patrol the waters. One is the Mansfield Hollow Reservoir, located in the towns of Mansfield, Chaplin and Windham and sitting more towards the center of the state. Also known as Naubesatuck Lake, Mansfield Hollow is 460 acres in surface area. There is a boat ramp available and the lake is open for pike fishing from April's third Saturday until the last day of February. Quaddick Reservoir in the town of Thompson, up near the Massachusetts and Rhode Island border with Connecticut, is 408 acres in size. It can be accessed from the boat launch maintained by the state during the summer and from side roads that connect to it for ice fishermen during the winter. Quaddick has no closed season for northern pike.

Pachaug system

The Pachaug River system in the town of Griswold helped to turn one pike lake into three. The river flows out of Pachaug Pond, which at 840 acres is the largest lake in the eastern section of Connecticut, and into nearby Hopeville and Ashland Ponds. Hopeville at 137 acres and Ashland at 89 acres are considerably smaller than Pachaug Pond, but the pike that have been stocked and developed in Pachaug have made their way down through the river to both those locations. Pachaug Pond has a boat launch off of Route 138 in Griswold and Hopeville Pond has one as well, being part of the Hopeville Pond State Park. Parking for Ashland is limited to the side of Route 201, which runs by the water coming out of the Griswold borough of Jewett City. While Pachaug and Ashland are open year round for northern pike angling, Hopeville observes the same open season as does Mansfield Hollow Reservoir.

Northwestern Connecticut

Two other lakes, both in the northwestern portion of Connecticut, offer northern pike fishing as well. Bantam Lake in the Morris-Litchfield area is 947 acres and is open all year for pike except from March 1st through the last day of April. From the beginning of May until the end of November the minimum length on Bantam, which does have a boat launch, is 26 inches but from December 1st until the finale of February a pike must be three feet long to be legally kept. In the town of Winchester, the 246-acre Winchester Lake also contains pike. It is open year round with no special restrictions for fishing for pike, with the same minimum length of 26 inches and daily limit of two fish per person in effect like the rest of the state, except for Bantam's 36 inch stipulation. The Connecticut River also is a hotbed for northerns, with its many coves popular among anglers.

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