The Best Fly to Use in Glacier National Park

The Best Fly to Use in Glacier National Park
The list of flies that will catch fish in and around Glacier National Park is as varied as the conditions and seasons that you'll be likely to encounter on your search for trophy trout. Steve Thompson, owner of LakeStream Fly Shop in Whitefish, Montana, says that with these ten flies, you should be able to catch fish whether you fish in a river, creek or lake.

Royal Wulff

This is the most versatile and popular fly for Glacier National Park. This is the one fly that you must have whether you are fishing in a lake or stream, spring, summer or fall. If all else fails, send out the Royal Wulff.

Parachute Adams

This is another versatile fly. Trout love it and you will too after a good day of catching, rather than fishing.


Brown, black or olive, it doesn't really matter with the caddis. Give it a shot when it is starting to get dark.


Use this fly to mimic the stone fly hatch.


There are many varieties of hopper flies. Make sure you get one that has its own flotation and fish it near the bank.

Chernobyl Ant

This huge ant design looks like something that would result from nuclear fall out. There are a variety of designs, so carry a couple with you.

Bead Headed Prince Nymph

This design is made to peak a trout's curiosity when there is little else going on.

Double Beaded Golden Stone Nymph

There's not a lot out there about this design. You're going to have to stop into Lakestream Fly Shop and ask for one.

Flash Back Pheasant Tail

This fly looks like a wide variety of nymphs found in both lakes and rivers. It is one of the oldest and most effective nymph patterns.

Cone Head Wooly Bugger

This is a versatile wet fly that will simulate a large number of creatures that have been washed underwater.

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