Why Should One Get an HJ 720-ITC Pedometer

Why Should One Get an HJ 720-ITC Pedometer
A pedometer is an excellent piece of equipment that will help you to monitor your workouts and get the most production from your walks. Omron is a leading name in pedometers, and the HJ 720-ITC is its top model. While it's a bit more expensive than many other pedometers, it does offer enhanced features for the money.


The Omron HJ 720-ITC is an accurate pedometer that can be relied upon to give you a solid distance reading. Accuracy is the first feature you demand from any pedometer.


One of the best features about the HJ 720-ITC is the software that allows you to set your exercise goals and analyze your results. You can download your data from the pedometer in a few easy steps and see how effectively you've been exercising.


The Omron is designed to work in a front jacket pocket, front pants pocket or a bag or purse. An included clip allows you to clip it to the front of your pants or belt. No matter what you're wearing, carrying the HJ 720-ITC comfortably won't be a problem. The HJ 720-ITC also features dual accelerometers, allowing it to be placed vertically or horizontally.

Easy Setup

The most difficult thing about setting up the HJ 720-ITC is measuring your stride. Once you've done that, setup is done with an intuitive three-button system and will take seconds. The Omron will automatically begin counting your steps when you attach it and start walking.


The Omron stores up to the past 41 days of data and allows you to view the past seven. The pedometer clears data at midnight so it's ready for use the next day without any resetting. The full memory indicator will let you know when the 41-day period is drawing near (at 35 days) so you can download the data to your computer without losing anything.


The HJ 720-ITC differentiates between regular steps and aerobic steps, and provides distance. It also displays calories and fat burned.


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