Historical Tours of Europe

Historical Tours of Europe
Touring Europe with a guided tour can be an enlightening experience. Each destination can reveal a page of history. Going with a guided tour provide many benefits including details of each location's historic significance, the ability to see a great number of places in a short length of time, and traveling to many different places without getting lost. Most of the historical tours in Europe focus on World War II, however you may find tours of ancient Greek history and medieval England.

Old Country Tours

Old Country Tours specializes in historical tours and military themed tours in England. However, a personalized tour is offered, as well. Choose from the "King Arthur and the Round Table -Myth or Legend," "Kings, Queens, Castles and Gardens" and "Caesars & The Roman Legions" to name a few. All tours are 10 days of scheduled sites and transport with a King's Ferry bus. Each night you will be staying in a different historic hotel near the town center. Old Country Tours is a member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides.

Old Country Tours
PO Box 98
Dorset, SP7 9WA
+44 0 1747 828719

Richardson and Gray

Offering many different themed tours, Richardson and Gray Tours give a more personalized and intimate experience. "Battlefields of Northern France," "Modern Germany and the European Union" and "Cathedrals and Theatre in England" are a few of the historical tours. Each tour is scheduled for 10 days and is easily adaptable to your group's preference. Transportation is dependent on the location--metro in cities and bus outside of the city. Flights are booked through Richardson and Gray. Evening meals may be included, depending on the tour you have chosen.

Richardson and Gray
Stage Coach Cottage
57 Broad Street
Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1NH
+44 0 1584 878914

World War II Tours

World War II Tours specialize in the battlefields and sites of World War II, particularly in France, Belgium and Germany. Curated by a Vietnam War veteran, the tours are tailored to fit the needs of your group. All hotels are 'first class' hotels. Transportation is provided on comfortable buses that play 1940s music. This particular tour company has had guided tours for "The History Channel" in the past. Tours in Ireland are available upon request.

World War II Tours
1281 Paterson Plank Road
Secaucus, New Jersey 07094

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