Nevada Hiking Clubs

Nevada Hiking Clubs
With a variety of wilderness landscapes and wildlife to appreciate, hiking in Nevada makes is a popular and rewarding pastime. There are several hiking clubs for all levels of physical fitness and ages, formed to bring people to the outdoors, increase environmental awareness and just have fun. Check separate website calendars for specific information on hikes, difficulty level, estimated round-trip time and other important instructions. Some ask a small donation fee such as $1.00 at the trail head.

165 Mile Club

Near Lake Tahoe, Nevada, this club focuses on the 165-mile long Tahoe Rim Trail. Complete this more challenging trail in sections or all at once. Hikes are organized in 8-day, 14-day or an annual "Thru-Hikes" by the Tahoe Rim Trail Association (TRTA). Trained hike leaders host regular treks up to 24 miles on Fridays and Saturdays as weather permits. Between the formation of the TRTA in 1981 and November 2009, just over 1,000 people had walked the entire 165 miles.

Las Vegas Trailblazers

The Trailblazers average three or four hikes per month including themed hikes, night hikes and even scavenger hunts. Range of difficulty includes easy short day hikes, more challenging excursions and camping trips. There are no dues or fees. Open to adults of all fitness levels, but focus is more on the singles age 30 to 40s crowd.

Meetup Hiking Clubs

Meetup Hiking Clubs offer a range of hikes for everyone, including those with dogs. Weather links help to prepare for the adventures. Members must RSVP to each hike to limit the number of participants.

Las Vegas Hiking and Outdoors Meetup Club
This club boasts more organized hikes than any other in the Las Vegas area, including a moonlight hike each month. Founded in 2005, it has grown to over 3,000 members. A donation of $1 at the trail head for each hike is appreciated.

Las Vegas Walkers, Hikers and Adventurer's Meetup Club
Each hike is limited to a maximum of 20 to 50 people, depending on the hike. No donations are requested. Some dog-friendly walks are included occasionally.

The Las Vegas Hiking with Dogs Group
The 472 members (not including dogs) enjoy hikes with their canine companions. Trails vary in length between 3 to 8 miles, or more

The Reno Hiking Meetup Group
In addition to hiking, the 531 members also enjoy snow activities. Some organized hike events help build trails and clean up the surrounding environment.

Sierra Nevada Adventurer's Meetup Group
Located near Carson City, Nevada, this group hosts many hikes but also focuses on other social networking activities.

Nevada Geocaching

Members of this group use a GPS devise to hunt for "treasures" or geocaches hidden all over Nevada (and the world) in all kinds of terrain. All age groups and all levels of physical fitness participate. Members can go it alone or team up with others to hike Nevada with a purpose.

Sierra Club

Focused on helping the environment and educating the public, the club offers many organized hikes in both northern and southern Nevada.

USN Hiking Club

Created by the University of Southern Nevada, this club is open to students, faculty and staff of all fitness levels. Explorations include Red Rock Canyon and Mt Charleston.

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