Resorts in Oklahoma

Resorts in Oklahoma
Oklahoma is located in the South Central region of the United States and covers a little under 69,000 square miles. The state has four mountain ranges and is 25 percent covered by forest area. In fact, the entire state of Oklahoma is littered with mountain ranges, prairies and forests. The average temperature is a pleasant 60.5 degrees. Much of the Oklahoma weather and terrain makes it an ideal place for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and horseback riding.

Southern Oaks Resort

The Southern Oak Resort is located minutes away from Grand Lake O' The Cherokees and provides visitors with a choice of activities during their stay. Boating, fishing, outdoor theater and riverboat rides are just a few of the activities available. Many guests host events like family reunions and weddings there to take advantage of the scenic landscape. This costy resort has 17 guest cabins and cottages to accommodate up to 76 guests. Several of the cabins have hot tubs, making them perfect for romantic getaways.

Southern Oaks Resort
East 390 Road
Langley, OK 74350
(918) 782-9346

MarVal Resort

Stretching across a 105-acre property, the MarVal Resort is an ideal choice for family camping trips. The resort sits on the Oklahoma Ozarks rolling foothills near the Lower Illinois River. This rustic location has 70 cabins, cottages and lodges available to visitors. There is a pool and mini golf course, as well as plenty of opportunities for hiking and horseback riding. The resort also features a clubhouse with a large-screen television, fireplace and large buffet-style countertop for use at group gatherings, all types of meetings and events to accommodate up to 100 people.

MarVal Family Camping Resort

Route 3, Box 60

Gore, OK 74435

(918) 489-2295

The Paradise Cove Marine Resort

The Paradise Cove Marine Resort is located on the water's edge of Grand Lake O' The Cherokees I Northeastern Oklahoma. Visitors to this quaint little resort can choose from two- or three-bedroom condos or the honeymoon suite that has a private deck and fireplace. For the visitors that go to the lake resort to spend a large amount of time boating, there is a 24-hour gas station on site to keep their gas tanks from running on empty.

Paradise Cove Resort
30736 S. 4539 Road
Afton, OK 74331
(918) 782-3767


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