Wyoming Tourist Attractions

Wyoming Tourist Attractions
Wyoming, the nation's least populous state and 10th largest, is defined by its wide open spaces, unparalleled natural beauty and boundless solitude. Consequently, Wyoming offers very little in the way of urban entertainment (the biggest city, Cheyenne, only has 55,000 residents). The best chance to find the experience of a lifetime is in the state's vast parks and recreation areas.

Yellowstone National Park

America's first national park was founded in 1872 as part of a national movement to preserve the abundant wildlife, limitless waterfalls and unique geothermal activity of the area. Spanning not just Wyoming, but also parts of Montana and Idaho, Yellowstone is also known for its large herds of bison.

Yellowstone National Park
P.O. Box 168
Yellowstone NP, Wyoming 82190
(307) 344-7381

Grand Teton National Park

The glorious Tetons are a jagged and relatively young mountain range that is still tectonically active and growing closer to the heavens everyday. The park's proximity to Yellowstone and the bustling city of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, guarantee an unforgettable getaway with limitless possibilities. Popular activities in the Grand Tetons include hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing.

Grand Teton National Park
P.O. Drawer 170
Moose, Wyoming 83012
(307) 739-3300

Devil's Tower National Monument

This towering 1,200-foot mastiff was proclaimed the nation's first national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. The 1,367-acre preserve is mainly visited by those who wish to take in the beauty of Devil's Tower, but also by a few bold rock climbers, for whom the tower presents a memorable and technical challenge.

Devil's Tower National Monument
P.O. Box 10
Devil's Tower, Wyoming 82714
(307) 467-5283

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

The 200,000-acre preserve in southwestern Wyoming that surrounds the Flaming Gorge Reservoir is known as one of the hottest fishing spots in the United States. The 375 miles of shoreline in the reservoir, spanning Wyoming and Utah, are dotted by boats ramps, campgrounds and stunning vistas of the gorge. Boat rentals and marina supplies are available at the Buckboard Crossing and Lucerne Valley.

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area
Ashley National Forest
25 West Highway 43
P.O. Box 279
Manila, Utah 84046
(435) 784-3445

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