Johnsonville, Tennessee Attractions

Johnsonville, Tennessee Attractions
When you visit Johnsonville, Tennessee, you'll be in the land of living history. Johnsonville, or New Johnsonville as it is known, is the birthplace of country music, one of the United States oldest working state capitals, as features beautiful antebellum-era homes. Tennessee was the host of many Civil War battles and Johnsonville saw its share. History and natural beauty come together in this old Tennessee town. Walk some hiking trails or do some old-fashioned apple picking.

Johnsonville State Historic Area

Visit the Johnsonville State Historic Area just off U.S. Highway 70. History buffs will enjoy this 600-acre park located on Kentucky Lake, which is the site of the Battle of Johnsonville. The November 4, 1864 clash resulted in 150 prisoners and $6.7 million in damages to Union ships and equipment. You'll find old fortifications still standing and an early African-American cemetery. You can also enjoy a six-mile hiking trail through these civil war sites, an outdoor picnic, or a wildlife presentation in the park.

Johnsonville State Historic Area
90 Redoubt Lane
New Johnsonville, TN 37134
(931) 535-2789

Cuba Landing Marina

The Cuba Landing Marina, on the majestic Tennessee River in nearby Waverly, offers pontoon and boat rentals for fishing on this very historic river. Unlike other marinas in the area, the Cuba Landing Marina allows you to rent a boat, rather than needing to own one.

Cuba Landing Marina
302 Cuba Marina Lane
Waverly, TN 37185

Apple Picking

A popular event in Johnsonville is to "pick your own" apples from local orchards and farms. Take part in the annual apple-picking festival. There are 16 places in and around Johnsonville, Tennessee for tourists to stop by and have fun picking fruit. See the beautiful Tennessee countryside while you learn fun facts about apples, such as there are over 8000 varieties of apples in the world and most apple trees take four to five years to produce their first fruit. Some of the best apple orchards to visit include The Apple Barn and Cider Mill, and the Duck River Orchards.

The Apple Barn and Cider Mill
230 Apple Valley Road
Sevierville, TN 37862
(800) 421-4606

Duck River Orchards
4930 Highway 43 North
Summertown, TN 38483
(931) 964-4040

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