Maui Hiking Clubs

Maui Hiking ClubsMaui, Hawaii, is commonly referred to as the "Valley Isle" and sports a variety of trails including a rocky mountaintop, luscious forests and warm, inviting beaches. Travelers interested in scenic hikes can find maps and information in travel books, or hire a guide from one of the numerous commercial tourism agencies. But, for those seeking like-minded individuals, several clubs and organizations exist to provide hikers with company to complement the landscape.

Sierra Club of Hawai'i Maui Group

The Maui Chapter of the Sierra Club conducts several hikes each month that explore a wide variety of areas and educate participants about Hawaiian history, culture, and ecology. These trips offer opportunities to explore botanical gardens, historical landmarks, archaeological sites and several boast the potential for swimming.

Maui Explorers Meetup

Founded in 2012, the Maui Explores have over 1,400 members and mainly participate in day hikes. Hikes are scheduled about once per month. There are many miles of trails that go through arid volcano craters to tropical rainforest waterfalls that the members enjoy. 

Sunday Day Hikes Meetup

With over 1,300 members and active participation, the Sunday Day Hikes get together on Sunday mornings to experience Maui's natural beauty. Members are encouraged to pick up one piece of litter during their hike. 

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