Train Trips Through the Netherlands

Train Trips Through the Netherlands
The Netherlands is a low-lying country in Western Europe that borders Germany to the east, Belgium to the south, and the North Sea to the north and west. In addition to windmills, tulips and clogs, the country has become known for its liberal social and legal policies. Cooler summers and mild winters also make the country prime for numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, golfing or boating along the Amsterdam canals. And many tourists will discover that one of the most fun and efficient ways to travel across the Netherlands is by way of the many available railway systems.

Nederlandse Spoorwegen

This is the official state-run train line of the Netherlands, and operates day and night between such cities as Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The train can cross the country in just over three hours and allows passengers to purchase a variety of one-way or round-trip tickets from an NS service desk, ticket machine or the official web site. Children's fares are discounted, and all trains are handicap-friendly. Additionally, the rail line provides a rental car program and bicycle services (such as storage and repair) for travelers, while NS stations are fitted with shops, restaurants and safe storage lockers.


This NS Hispeed train claims to be the fastest between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, taking less than 45 minutes from station to station, while also stopping at Schiphol Airport. Travelers will find comfortable interiors with easy wheelchair access, and certain trains even allow pets and bicycles on board. Each traveler is allowed two pieces of luggage for storage in overhead bins and one carry-on. These trains are also touted as being better for the environment than other forms of travel such as planes and automobiles since they emit much less CO2.

City Night Line

With the slogan "Early birds travel by night," this rail line focuses on passengers who wish to spend the daytime enjoying their destinations while traveling after dark. Reservations must be made in advance based on one of three options: coach seating, couchette or sleeper. The former provides plush, reclining seats in an air-conditioned, open-saloon car, while the couchette and sleeper cabins provide two-, three-, four- or six-berth bedding options. The latter also includes breakfast with the fare. Washing facilities and toilets can be found in each car, while some sleeper cabins have full showers. There is also a dining car with full food and drink options for all passengers.

Euro Railways

Euro Railways provides travel to Amsterdam from all parts of Western Europe, allowing for a serene, cross-country trip in a lavish, comfortable setting. Passengers opting for a reclining seat in one of the coach cars can enjoy plenty of stowaway space and mini bar service. The two-story trains also feature comfortable couchettes with air-conditioned four- and six-berth compartments. More discerning travelers can upgrade to either economy or deluxe sleeper cabins as well, both with mattresses and down-filled duvets. While economy has a wash basin and mirror, the deluxe has a full private bathroom and shower. Sleepers include a full breakfast, while those in couchettes and recliner seats can purchase a meal. All cars are non-smoking.

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