Food Tours in Spain

Food Tours in Spain
An exciting country full of vibrant cities and gorgeous scenery, Spain is the perfect destination for the outdoor adventurer. Opportunities abound for cycling through lush countryside and quaint villages, or hiking along paths framed by olive groves. Spain is also known for its food full of intense flavors and spices. While vacationing in Spain, take a food class or tour that will enhance your experience of the country and allow you to see a side of Spain most tourists don't often see.

Olive Oil in Andalusia

Any good chef appreciates the rich and robust flavors that cooking with olive oil can inspire. Spain is known to produce some of the healthiest olive oils in the world. On this six-day excursion through the Andalusian countryside, you will tour olive groves, visit olive oil museums, and spend time at local farms and mills to see first-hand the skill and artistry that goes into making world class olive oils. Accompanied by a local olive expert, this tour will take you from Seville to Cordova, visiting small mountain towns along the way. You will have time to hike through the countryside, sight see and soak up the local flavors, food and wine.

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Priorat Walking Tour

You wouldn't think high quality wine could come out of hard, slate soil where water is scarce, yet the Priorat region produces grapes with an unusual flavorful character due to these harsh conditions. On a seven-day, self-guided walking tour you will walk along well-marked and comfortable trails half of the day, as you visit local vineyards and wineries in each village. At night you will lodge in select hotels and inns where you will dine on local gourmet cuisine.

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Saffron Harvest

Saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, is produced in La Mancha, Spain. Partake in a culinary adventure as you participate in the saffron harvest. Guided by experts, you will learn how to peel the flowers, and toast and dry the spice, culminating in bottling and packaging. After the harvest and production, you will get to take home your own bottled saffron. During the weekend, you will enjoy local dishes that feature saffron at restaurants in local villages.

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