Maryland Hiking Clubs

Maryland Hiking ClubsMaryland has a large population of outdoor enthusiasts. The nearby attractions of Civil War battlefields, the Appalachian Trail, and numerous national parks draw thousands of visitors each year to this picturesque region. Maryland is also home to many outdoor and recreational hiking clubs and organizations that can be found throughout the state.

Mountain Club of Maryland

The Mountain Club of Maryland, based out of Baltimore, is an active volunteer organization that leads numerous outdoor adventures. Hiking, camping, backpacking events and the occasional canoe trip are all part of this organization's year-round schedule. Founded in 1934, the group schedules several hikes per week in the local area and the surrounding states of Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Mountain Club of Maryland is one of about 30 active organizations responsible for routine maintenance on the 2,175-mile path of the Appalachian Trail. The club also has a firm foundation in conservation efforts and "Leave No Trace" ethics of camping. Members receive a newsletter and an updated schedule of outings and events.

Wanderbirds Hiking Club

The Wanderbirds Hiking Club is a nonprofit, volunteer club catering to residents of the Washington, D.C., area near Maryland. Founded in 1934, the club offers two hikes every Sunday throughout the year and encourages public participation. Membership is not necessary to join the group for a hike. This organization charters buses and organizes carpools to all outings. Hikers must pay a fee of $27 for bus fare and any fee stipulated by the state or national park area in which the event will take place. Events take place throughout Maryland and occasionally in surrounding states. Members range from 7 to 80 in years of age and pay an annual fee of $20 for membership. The schedule of events newsletter is mailed to members four times a year.

Capital Hiking Club

The Capital Hiking Club based in Washington, D.C., is an organization that welcomes the public to all scheduled events regardless of membership or skill level. Members pay an annual fee of $12, which includes a newsletter containing a quarterly schedule of events. Amenities include reduced fees on all hikes, excluding trailhead or carpooled hikes. Events include camping and backpacking, moonlight hikes, beach excursions, river tubing and canoeing. Members usually divide into groups based on skill level or special interests, with most hikes ranging from five to 12 miles long.

Maryland Hiking and Adventuring Meetup

The group with over 8,400 members is for hikers of all skill levels. Other activities such as horseback riding, kayaking, rock climbing and yoga are sometimes on the schedule.

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