Civil War Attractions in Atlanta, Georgia

Civil War Attractions in Atlanta, Georgia
The city of Atlanta, Georgia, played a major role in American Civil War history. The city served as an important commercial center for the Confederate states. Union victory at the Battle of Atlanta was the turning point of the Civil War, increasing Northern confidence and leading to president Lincoln's re-election. Atlanta and surrounding areas have numerous historic attractions to educate visitors on the city's importance in the national conflict.

Marietta Cemeteries

The Atlanta suburb of Marietta, Georgia, is home to two Civil War cemeteries and is one of the few places in the country to house the remains of Confederate and Union soldiers in such close proximity. The Marietta Confederate Cemetery is the final resting place to more than 3,000 Confederate soldiers. The cemetery was originally constructed to house the bodies of 20 Confederate soldiers killed in an 1863 train wreck, but it eventually included many soldiers killed in battle. The nearby Marietta National Cemetery houses the remains of more than 10,000 Union soldiers, 3,000 of whom are unidentified. This national cemetery was built to hold graves of both Confederate and Union soldiers; however, Marietta officials decided Confederates and Yankees should not share a final resting place and instead created the Confederate cemetery.

Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum

Visit the Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum for a trip back in time to experience the Battle of Atlanta in full-color panoramic glory. The museum's centerpiece is the Cyclorama painting. The piece measures 42-feet tall and spans 358 feet around the exhibit and is claimed to be the world's largest painting. The massive full-color rendition of the battle offers striking realism enhanced by three-dimensional terrain and figures. The narrated presentation is accompanied by music. The museum also includes two floors of Civil War photographs and artifacts, in addition to history of the Cyclorama exhibit.

Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History

Just a short drive from Atlanta, another must-see tourist attraction is the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History in Kennesaw, Georgia. This world-class Smithsonian Affiliate museum houses three permanent collections including a variety of exhibits, including the daily life of a Civil War soldier, a reproduction of a locomotive assembly line and a thrilling reenactment of the Civil War's Great Locomotive Chase.

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