Tourist Attractions in the Sacandaga, New York Area

Tourist Attractions in the Sacandaga, New York Area
The Great Sacandaga Lake is the centerpiece of the Sacandaga area of New York, situated in Adirondack State Park. The Great Sacandaga Lake is located about an hour north of Albany and 40 minutes west of Saratoga Springs. Visit the Great Sacandaga Lake for a variety of great outdoor activity opportunities, including numerous hiking trails, fishing, and canoeing or kayaking.

Adirondack Wilderness Adventures

Adirondack Wilderness Adventures is a family-owned business serving as local experts in hiking the Adirondack Mountains. You can choose from several day trips or overnight hikes. Your guides will take a hands-off approach and supervise you as you follow the trails, set up your camp, find water sources and prepare your meals. Should you start to place yourself in danger, though, your licensed guide will step in and provide help. In this way, Adirondack Wilderness Adventures' guided hikes are a great learning experience for beginner hikers. If you're more of an independent hiker or already have experience, you can find over a dozen hiking trails of varying lengths listed on their website.

Adirondack Wilderness Adventures also offers rustic cabin accommodations on premises. The cabins are very basic, with an electric lantern, camp stove, basic bedding and a latrine. In addition to hiking, Adirondack Wilderness Adventures also arranges canoeing and fishing trips for their guests.

Adirondack Wilderness Adventures
108 Rhinehart Rd.
Gloversville, NY 12078
(518) 775-1747

Gary's Guide and Charter Service

Gary's Guide and Charter Service will take you out on Great Sacandega Lake (among other smaller lakes in the vicinity) to catch giant pike, walleye, bass, trout and salmon. You'll have access to a range of boating technologies, such as high-definition side-scan imagining, GPS and even an underwater camera to track fish and see them as they go for your bait.

Gary's Guide and Charter Service also provides bait and tackle, and they clean and fillet the fish you've caught. Just bring your own cooler for the fish, as well as gear for your comfort (waterproof jacket and shoes), any food or drinks you'd like for the day and a valid fishing license.

Gary's Guide and Charter Service
6 Benson Rd.
Northville, NY 12134
(518) 863-4193

Northampton Beach

Northampton Beach is a campground run by New York's Department of Environmental Conservation, and features 224 campsites at the northern end of the Great Sacandaga Lake. Camping facilities include restrooms with all modern conveniences.

Even if you're not camping, you'll find something to do at Northampton Beach. The Department of Environmental Conservation rents out rowboats, kayaks, and canoes so you can explore the Great Sacandaga Lake at your own pace. You can also relax on the beach, swim in a protected area, use the picnic area (including tables and fireplaces), hike 133 miles of trails or fish from the shore or a boat.

Northampton Beach
328 Houseman St.
Mayfield, NY 12117
(518) 863-6000

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