Attractions in San Francisco, California

Attractions in San Francisco, California
San Francisco is one of the great cities of North America. While most people don't expect to find stunning day hikes or adventure activities inside the limits of such a city, San Francisco can provide just that kind of treat for a traveling adventurer. These activities likely won't test the outer physical limits of the seasoned hiker, but they will raise anybody's heartbeat with their vigorous trails and beauty.

Hike Strawberry Hill

Nestled in the east side of Golden Gate Park, you'll find one of San Francisco's most quaint day walks. Strawberry Hill is an uphill climb, but you won't need to break out all your hiking gear because the trail is winding and generally gentle. Features of the walk include a waterfall, a stork-viewing lookout, a sloped footbridge and a view of the park from the top.

Boating on Stow Lake

Just a jog from Strawberry Hill, you'll find the city's largest body of inland water. For a small fee and a deposit, boats are available to take out by the hour. There are motor boats, row boats and paddle boats. Paddle boats can provide hours of fun, and they'll give you an afternoon of good exercise. Points of interest on the boating path include turtle point, koi fish, a gazebo and tunnel bridge.

Lobos Creek Trail

If you're more interested in nature views than city parks, check out the famed Lobos Creek Trail in San Francisco's Presidio district. This day jaunt through the coastal prairie on the city's edge has an easy, wooden boardwalk path, which leads you through a historical and natural tour of the area. Some of the plant life you can expect to see along the trail include buckwheat, coyote brush, yellow bush lupine, San Francisco lessinga and dune gilia.

Fishing off the Wharf

Most people have heard of San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, but there are two Fisherman's Wharfs inside the city. The less-touristy, more functional wharf is at the short end of the pier, and if you'd like to see real fishermen bringing in their catch, try showing up around 6 or 7 a.m. If you'd like to spend a few hours or a day outside, with the smell of salt air in the wind, go fishing. Fishing gear is available to rent, or a seasoned fisherman can bring his own. Here, a tourist or a local can fish right alongside many professional fishermen and get a flavor the area. You might catch albacore tuna, striped bass, salmon, rockfish or ling cod.

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