Antigua Island Cities

Antigua Island Cities
Antigua, one of the Caribbean's prime tourist destinations, sits in the midst of the Leeward Islands of the eastern Caribbean. Just 11 miles wide and 14 miles long, the island offers white-sand beaches and coral reefs ideal for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. With Antigua's small size, you can bike and hike to just about anywhere on the island your heart desires. Spend the rest of your time enjoying lodging, dining, architecture and art in any number of communities that call this island home.

St. John's

The largest city on Antigua, St. John's, used to house British naval headquarters for the region. Now the island's capital city, St. John's offers great hiking and exploring, with its medieval and colonial architecture found almost everywhere. Head to St. John's Cathedral, built in 1845, one of the most prominent buildings in the city. Check out Harmony Hall Art Gallery, featuring art exhibitions and local crafts. While there, drop by the sugar mill tower, and enjoy the superb view of Nonsuch Bay.

All Saints

Known as the traditional pottery-producing area of Antigua, this small village of approximately 2,500 people is just five miles from St. John's, yet offers a completely different feel than the large city. Check out the local pottery shops, then visit Betty's Hope, an open-air museum displaying remnants of a sugarcane plantation built in 1674.


Small as the community of Seaton may be, this little village offers a variety of water sports to rival any larger city. Enjoy the sand and lounge around, or visit Stingray City to snorkel and swim with stingrays while viewing coral reefs and tropical fish. Or take a kayaking trip to view the area's mangroves and inlets. Then get out and hike to several sunken caves. Top that off with some snorkeling for a three-in-one adventure you can't beat.

Mill Reef

If you prefer a more populated beach experience complete with lots of party spirit and a variety of nightclubs, head to Mill Reef. Situated close to St. John's, this city's spectacular, unspoiled beaches make it a hot spot for those who want to play on the fine sand all day. Head into town for the nightlife, and if your budget an afford it, check into one of the expensive resorts nearby.

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