Dublin Night Clubs

Dublin Night Clubs
Dublin is the capital of Ireland, situated at the mouth of the River Liffey along the east coast. This city offers vibrant nightlife, with plenty of pubs and night clubs to choose from. Check out cultural districts near the town center such as St. Stephen's Green and Temple Bar for some of the best dance clubs in Dublin. Most places open around 10 p.m. and close at 3 p.m., and admission in November 2009 averaged anywhere from 5 to 15 Euros per person. Consider some of the following options if you are planning on a night out in Dublin.

Boomerang Night Club

The Boomerang Night Club is located in Dublin's Temple Bar district. This basement dance club is open every day of the week, featuring three separate bars and an often-crowded dance floor. Popular among younger singles, Boomerang is conveniently close to many other clubs in the neighborhood, making it an ideal place to start or end the night.

Boomerang Nightclub
Fleet Street, Temple Bar
Dublin 2, Ireland
+353 1 677 3333

Club M

Check out Club M, also located in the Temple Bar district. Designed in the style of European super-clubs like the ones you find in Ibiza, this multilevel night club exudes extravagance and party vibes. Complete with VIP lounges, laser-effects, dry ice, light-shows and professional dancers, Club M blasts pop music as well as techno throughout the night.

Club M
Anglesea Street (at the Blooms Hotel), Temple Bar
Dublin 2, Ireland
+353 1 671 5622


Another option in the city center is Spirit Night Club, located on Abbey Street. This facility features large dance floors split over two levels as well as a chill basement lounge with scented candles and couches. You'll usually find house music upstairs and R&B on the ground floor. Spirit attracts a younger crowd looking to party hard and dance until closing time. If you're in the mood to dance, drink or hang out, Spirit has a club-level that will suit you.

Spirit Night Club
57 Middle Abbey St., Temple Bar
Dublin 1, Ireland
+353 1 877 9999

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