Attractions in Dunkirk, New York

Attractions in Dunkirk, New York
The city of Dunkirk is found on the western edge of New York state on the scenic shores of Lake Erie. The city attracts outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the hiking and watersports found on and alongside the lake, as well as the numerous trails on the outskirts of the city. Discover some of the attractions in Dunkirk for a New York vacation you won't quickly forget.

Sheridian Bay Park

The privately owned Sheridian Bay camping grounds and beach park, found just 3 miles east of downtown Dunkirk, is open year-round for camping, watersports and relaxing. Bring your own watersport equipment, such as a kayak or canoe, or rent one from the nearby sports shops.

Sheridian Bay Park
3193 Route 5
Dunkirk, NY 14048
(716) 366-5831

Dunkirk Historical Lighthouse

Built in 1827, the historical lighthouse has seen numerous shipwrecks, wars and the evolving skyline of Dunkirk. Hike along the cliffs surrounding the lighthouse or visit the on-site museum to see the region's nautical history. A souvenir shop lets visitors stock up on Dunkirk memorabilia.

Dunkirk Historical Lighthouse
1 Lighthouse Point
Silver Creek, NY 14136
(716) 366-5050

Dunkirk Harbor and Point Gratiot Park

The windswept bluffs of Dunkirk Harbor overlook Lake Erie and provide sweeping views of the coastline. The park and the surrounding area is popular among local bird watchers who enjoy watching for various gull and waterfowl species, as well as robins and woodpeckers. Beginner-level trails also wind down from the bluffs to the water.

Dunkirk Harbor and Point Gratiot Park
Van Buren Bay, NY 14048

Adams Memorial Art Gallery

Dunkirk's attractions aren't all outdoors. The Adams Memorial Art Gallery, also home to the Access to the Arts organization, is Dunkirk's flagship art gallery. The gallery holds regular events showcasing local artists, while the organization works to build awareness of the city's arts scene. Walk through the gallery's various halls, and you may discover some of the city's nearby landscapes and hills immortalized on canvas.

Adams Memorial Art Gallery/Access to The Arts
600 Central Ave.
Dunkirk, NY 14048-2517
(716) 366-7450‎

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