Types of Edible Mushrooms

Types of Edible MushroomsLearn how to differentiate the various types of edible mushrooms when camping and backpacking in the wilderness. Outdoor survival oftentimes depends on being able to make do with what is available for food, and mushrooms are one of the most plentiful sources of nutrition available. Since a large number of mushrooms are poisonous, knowing what to look for is crucial. Moreover, there are some readily available, edible types that nonetheless may present some adverse bodily reactions if not properly prepared.

Cantharellaceae (Golden Chanterelle) pictured above

Find the golden chanterelle that is native to Oregon and parts of California. It is yolk yellow all the way around, and it's devoid of insects. Do not mistake it for the poisonous Jack-O'-Lantern mushroom that is orange and has a flat top appearance

Morchellaceae (Morels)


Locate morels in North American forests that may have been victims of forest fires in recent years. Look for conifers to locate black morels, and seek ash as well as sycamore trees for yellow morels. Cook the mushrooms well, as they will cause poison-like symptoms if you enjoy them raw.

Tricholomataceae (Pine Mushrooms)

Find pine mushrooms in coniferous forests all across the United States. These are nicknamed as American matsutake mushrooms, and they have a recognizable smell that is a bit on the foul side.

Boletaceae (Bay Bolete)

Look for the bay bolete in coniferous forests or in coves of beech maples or birches. It is brown and has a convex cap. Notice that the meat turns yellow when the cap is broken and exposed to the air.

Psathyrellaceae (Common Inkcap)

Notice that these are types of edible mushrooms that could be conditionally poisonous. The common inkcap is plentiful and oozes a dark, inky liquid when broken. Ingest this mushroom only if you do not have alcohol in your system and do not expect to drink any alcohol within three days; otherwise, you may suffer from hangover like symptoms for up to seven days after alcohol consumption.

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