Badminton Clubs in Northern Ireland

Badminton Clubs in Northern Ireland
A popular sport throughout Europe, badminton is a net game played with racquets, and a shuttlecock. There are numerous badminton clubs spread all across Northern Ireland, so no matter where you are in the country, you are never far from a game. While not every badminton club is open to the public, many of them will allow anyone who is interested in the game to join or stop in for a match.

Alpha Badminton Club

The largest badminton club in Ireland, Alpha has its own badminton hall with twelve courts for practice and play. There are numerous sections within the Alpha club, divided up by skill level and age. The Senior Club is for players that are of division 1 standard, which is the highest skill level. People who fall under this category know the game well and play well. The Minor Club is for those players who know the game fairly well, but are not yet completely comfortable in the game. The Tyros Club is for new players who may not even be entirely familiar with badminton rules. There is also a young adult section for juvenile players and several sections for children, which are coached by on-site coaching squads.

Not only is Alpha the largest club in Ireland, it's also one of the best. The Senior Club won the "All-Ireland Senior Cup" ten times in fifteen years, making them eligible to play in the "Europe Cup."

36 Belfast Road
011 (+44) 2892664340

Coleraine and District Badminton Association

Many badminton clubs in Ireland are divided up by location alone. The Coleraine and District Badminton Association, for instance, is for people living in and around the town of Coleraine. Clubs that are divided up by district, such as Coleraine's, are generally divided into several sections by age and ability. Teams play against other teams with a similar age range and skill set. The Badminton Association in Coleraine practices and plays at the Coleraine Leisure Centre.

23 Railway Road
Coleraine, Londonderry
011 (+44) 7730613548


The Stranmillis badminton club is for students of Stranmillis only. All students are eligible for full club membership without tryout and regardless of skill level. Practices and games are arranged by the club and practice facilities are available at the Queen's University Physical Education Centre. The badminton club occasionally tours, as other sports teams and the college provides assistance for traveling expenses.

Stranmillis University College
Stranmillis Road
Belfast, BT9 5DY

Church Clubs

Many of the churches in Northern Ireland have their own badminton clubs. Some of them are open only to members of the church, while others accept people from the community. Christ Church in Lisburn, St. Columbas in Belfast and Dundonald Presbyterian Church are a few of the churches who have their own organized badminton clubs.

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