Beginner Hiking Clubs in Denver

Beginner Hiking Clubs in Denver
Denver is an outdoor lovers' paradise. From hiking, mountain biking and skiing to rock climbing or river rafting, Denver offers a wide range of outdoor sports that everyone can participate in. Hiking is one of the area's most popular activities. There are hundreds of hiking groups that you can choose from, each with a different philosophy or focus. Below are just a few clubs perfect for beginner hikers.

Happy Hikers Club

Happy Hikers is an adults-only club with ages ranging from 25 to older than 65. The club has been around since 1988 and requires application for membership along with a $20 membership fee. Focusing on moderate hikes between four and 15 miles long, the club hikes in the spring, summer, fall and snowshoes or cross-country skis in the winter.

Beckwourth Outdoors

Beckwourth Outdoors is a nonprofit organization that provides year-round outdoor activities for adults and kids. Everything from snowshoeing, camping, hiking and kayaking to community service projects and CPR classes is offered for all age ranges and ability levels. Membership is required, along with a yearly $40 individual membership fee or $60 family fee. is a website that features the world's largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for you to find a local group in your town or city with your same interests or goals. Meetup makes it easy to organize and start a group of your own. Several beginner level hiking clubs based on Denver are listed with Meetup.
Hittin' The Trails is a club for all ages and levels. Hikes are generally four to 10 miles long and feature a destination like a waterfall or lake. Shorter evening and after-work hikes are also done in the foothills around Denver.

Boulder-Denver Divas is for women between the ages of 22 and 42. The club does a variety of activities, including rock climbing, snow boarding, biking and hiking. Activities are for all skill levels and focus on fun, adventure and camaraderie. The goal is to provide a noncompetitive environment where you can feel comfortable trying new outdoor activities. Members also meet for dinner, drinks, movies, volunteer work and even manicures and pedicures.
The Over The Hill Hikers group hikes between three and 10 miles, with an average elevation gain of 2,000 feet. Over The Hill Hikers is a casual group focused on attracting hikers with similar abilities. There is no pressure to stay with the pack. With no front leader or end person, you are free to walk at a pace comfortable to you. Don't worry though, you won't be left behind. The group will wait for you at the destination before starting the return trip or will meet up with you on the way back.

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