Washington DC Travel Ideas

Washington DC Travel Ideas
A popular destination for school field trips and family vacations, Washington, D.C. offers numerous fun and educational activities suitable for all ages, including visiting the Capitol, The National Mall, and many historic landmarks and neighborhoods. With some advance planning, you may even be able to secure one of the public tours of the White House. The requests for self-guided tours must be submitted through your state's Member of Congress and must be requested no less than 30 days in advance of your trip, although requests may be accepted up to six months in advance of your preferred date.

A Day at The Mall

Officially established in 1965, the National Mall and Memorial Parks features what is known as America's town green. This includes a wide area of parkland between the Capitol and the Washington Monument. With free admission to national monuments, memorials and renowned museums as well as the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, The Mall is an ideal destination for a family excursion. Learn more about the legacy of the country's presidents, the political process and honor the sacrifice of U.S. war veterans by visiting the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the World War II Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Schedule some time to explore the Capitol's visitor center and the National Museum of American History. End the day with viewing a scenic sunset over the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.


Outdoor Activities

Washington, D.C. is known for a philosophy of working hard and playing hard and there are certainly plenty of places to play in the nation's capital. Hike down the C&O Canal Towpath to follow the Potomac from Georgetown to Cumberland, M.D., play volleyball in Potomac Park and discover the natural wonders of the National Arboretum. It is also a relaxing experience to grab a seat and contemplate the beauty of the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden. Other popular outdoor activities include walking your dog in Lincoln Park or bringing some friends to sample the local produce and culinary delights of the weekly year-round Sunday Freshfarm Market at Dupont Circle. If you need even more places to explore, visit Rock Creek Park. Alternately, for a small fee, you can hike through 800 acres of parkland and see 20-foot waterfalls in Great Falls Park, located just outside of D.C.

Explore Additional Landmarks

Explore the Library of Congress, with its thousands of books and a connecting tunnel between the Thomas Jefferson Building and the upper level of the Capitol visitor center. On the East end of the National Mall, the Capitol provides visitors the opportunity to view the fresco in the rotunda, "The Apotheosis of Washington," that is described as George Washington's ascent to the heavens. Located to the west of the Capitol, the United States Botanical Garden features numerous flower collections and specimens, including those from tropical rain forests.


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