List of Closed Beaches in New Jersey

List of Closed Beaches in New Jersey
If you are waiting for a closed beach to open, remember that "closed" does not refer to the time of day. Cities with beaches along the New Jersey Shore typically charge visitors for beach badges to enter their property, making them closed beaches. The Jersey Shore contains many opportunities for water sports, boating and fishing while the nearby parks and boardwalks offer places to bike and run in the summer sun.

Bay Head

Bay Head maintains a quiet atmosphere along the Jersey Shore, only one mile away from the commercially populated Point Pleasant city and boardwalk. Beach badges are available at a daily rate of $6 for adults and are free to children under 12. The Bay Head Trading Company, opened in 1980, sells equipment and accessories for windsurfing and kite boarding enthusiasts.


Belmar, N.J., is home to a marina where boats can be rented for group fishing and party events. The boardwalk in Belmar sells beach badges for $7 a day for adults. Senior citizens can purchase a season pass for only $15. The Belmar beach formerly hosted an annual volleyball tournament within the AVP Pro Volleyball series.


Manasquan functions as a starting point for a five-mile Rails-to-Trails bicycling path that continues down Main Street to the beach. The New Jersey Manasquan Bike Trail reconfigured old railroad strips into paved trails for bikers and runners taking a break from the beach. Children under 12 can enter the Manasquan beach for free, while adults can purchase beach badges for either a daily, weekly or seasonal fee.

Ocean City

Ocean City promotes green practices by powering city buildings using solar energy. Blue recycling containers are utilized on the boardwalk. The Bayside Center in Ocean City offers environmental camps and free nature programs with access to the ocean for fishing. Beach tags are sold for $5 a day per adult and free for children under 11.

Seaside Heights

Tourists can purchase a daily beach badge for $5 or a seasonal pass for $30, while children under 12 enter the beach for free. Seaside Heights recommends the northern end of beach for surfing. Kayaks, jet skis and other water toys can be rented in Seaside Heights, which includes Seaside Park and Ortley Beach as well.

Cape May

Cape May holds outdoor events throughout the summer season including the Beachfront Run in September and the War Off Shore in July. Visitors can purchase a beach badge for $5 a day and $13 per week. The Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center takes visitors on tours for whales and dolphins off the Jersey coast.

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