Things to Do With Kids at London Swimming Centres

Things to Do With Kids at London Swimming Centres
London offers a great deal of recreation for citizens and visitors. London's many small neighborhoods offer individual resources to communities, but one of the most common is London's swimming centers, or pools. All over London, swimming centers offer a place to recreate, exercise and relax. Many of London's pools also offer children's programs.

Swimming Lessons

Most swimming centers in London offer swimming lessons. Ages and swimming techniques taught will differ from pool to pool, but any child can begin to learn to swim at one of London's many pools. Lessons available in greater London include parent and toddler classes, introductory classes nd lessons in specific swimming techniques, including turns and Olympic swimming styles.

Diving Lessons

Many of London's swimming centers offer low and high diving boards, enabling them to also offer diving lessons to children as young as 8. Lessons include the basics and safety of diving, and more advanced lessons teach Olympic-style diving techniques.


Some pools offer lessons in lifesaving techniques to children as young as 8. Basics include rescue swimming and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Life-saving skills are essential to becoming a lifeguard and working at one of London's many pools.

Other Activities

London's many pools and swimming centers typically offer many other activities through their community centers. Most pools offer gymnasiums, which may offer aerobics and other fitness classes. Some pools offer training in the basics of snorkeling for children. Other pools offer classes in other pool sports, including water polo.

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