Top Romantic U.S. Weekend Getaways

Top Romantic U.S. Weekend Getaways
From coast to coast, a number of popular romantic getaways beckon to couples who embody an outdoorsy, adventurous spirit. No matter what your tastes or budgets, or whether you like big city scenes or cozy, quaint destinations, a romantic place just for two will provide a welcome and relaxing weekend respite---as well as a setting to enjoy and appreciate each other.

Catalina Island, California

About 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, the island of Catalina presents an especially fun romantic getaway ideal for the outdoor enthusiast. Leave from numerous departure points along the coast, including San Pedro, Long Beach or as far south as Dana Point. Stay overnight at one of several Avalon hotels or rough it at the campground. No matter where you stay, you can enjoy swimming, tennis, snorkeling and nature watching on this unique island. You can also cycle or hike the rugged backcountry of Catalina, which is part of the Channel Islands archipelago. Try the new Trans-Catalina trail, a challenging hike that traverses 37.2 miles and covers the entire island from one end to the other.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

For generations, beautiful and historic Cape Cod, Massachusetts, has made a name for itself as an unmatched romantic weekend getaway, ideal for the outdoor enthusiast. Choose from 15 distinct towns and village that make up the Cape community, each offering unique charm and New England beauty. Visitors can explore nearly 560 miles of coastline offering stunning natural landscapes. A wide selection of shops, restaurants, galleries and quaint lodging complete the package for a perfect weekend romance.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tucked high into the Sangre de Christo Mountains, the charming and venerable town of Santa Fe presents a world-renowned destination ideal for a romantic weekend getaway. Chosen by artists for untold generations for its clear air, stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, Santa Fe offers a wondrous place to enjoy romance. Stroll the streets and enjoy the numerous art galleries and museums while sampling the delectable local cuisine. For the outdoor enthusiast, the vast surrounding wilderness offers hiking, cycling, skiing and snowshoeing (in winter) as well as numerous camping opportunities.

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