Mountain Top Inn Resort in Calloway Gardens, Georgia

Mountain Top Inn Resort in Calloway Gardens, Georgia
This charming resort is ideal for visitors seeking a combination of rest and relaxation at night, and a myriad of recreational activity options during the day. Whether you prefer hiking, biking or horseback riding, you can do it all at the Mountain Top Inn Resort in the wilds of Georgia.


The Mountain Top Inn Resort is situated in the vicinity of Calloway Gardens, Georgia. Warm Springs is nearby, as is the Pine Mountain valley Roosevelt State Park, which is the largest national park in the state of Georgia. The park derives its name from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was so enchanted with this area that he built a vacation cottage here when he was running for president back in 1932.


When staying at the Mountain Top Inn Resort, guests can choose to stay in a log cabin, lodge room or traditional guest room. The guest rooms are designed for travelers who are just passing through the area and need a place to sleep for a night or two. The rooms come with Jacuzzi and satellite television (but no telephone).

The lodge overlooks Pine Mountain Valley and is very close to Roosevelt State Park. The rooms feature high-speed Internet access, satellite television, microwaves and refrigerators. Some of the lodge rooms also have Jacuzzis.
Also, there are the log cabins, which are the most popular accommodation option at the resort. They vary in size, from one to five bedrooms, depending on guests' needs. All cabins come with comfortable furnishings and cable television, but do not have telephones.


The Mountain Top Inn resort's swimming pool is a great place to swim a few laps in the morning and to cool off at the end of a long day of strenuous activity in the great outdoors. Calloway Gardens, with its fantastic biking trails, butterfly center, birds of prey show and top-notch golfing facilities, is not far, nor is Roosevelt State Park, Georgia's largest national park, with its numerous hiking paths. Also, guests can enjoy horseback riding at Roosevelt Stables, which is located about six miles from the resort. Finally, there's the Wild Animal Safari Park, where visitors can have an authentic safari experience interacting with, feeding and touching hundreds of exotic animals.

Mountain Top Inn Resort
P.O. Box 147
Pine Mountain, GA 31822
(706) 663-4719

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