The Best Running Shoes for Over-Pronated Feet

The Best Running Shoes for Over-Pronated Feet
Over-pronation in your running stride can cause injury and pain. Luckily there are many corrective running shoes that you can choose from that will help you run miles and miles injury free. They are easy to find with many styles and brands to choose from.


Feet naturally pronate, or roll inward slightly with each running stride. It's the body's natural cushioning system. Problems arise when, because of weak muscles and ligaments, the foot rolls in too much causing misalignments that travel up from the foot and through the entire body.

The Easy Cure

Thankfully there are many shoes on the market that correct over-pronation so that you can enjoy miles of healthful, pain-free running. They stop the runner's foot from collapsing too far inward and thus keep knees and the rest of the body properly aligned.

What the Shoes Look Like

Look for what is commonly known as stability shoes. These shoes will have a denser inner-side material in the sole and added arch support. All of the popular running shoe companies carry models of stability shoes. Some of these shoes may have added plastic supports that will be easy to spot.

Buying the Right Pair for You

The right shoe for you is the one that feels the best on your feet. Ask for help from an experienced shoe salesman. In running specialty stores, you should be able to find avid runners to help you make your choices.

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