Children's Snowboarding Boots

Children's Snowboarding Boots
Snowboarding was an extreme sport that used to vex skiers on local slopes. Over the course of a decade, snowboarding became an accepted winter sport, and today it is so commonplace that even young children are participating in it. Beginning snowboarding lessons for kids are held right next to the beginning skiing lessons, and the manufacture of children's snowboards created the market for children's snowboarding boots.

Skill Level

Your children's skill levels determine their requirements when it comes to snowboarding boots. Check for the recommended-use tag that should denote if the boots are suitable for kids just starting out in the sport or if they are for children who are already more experienced and might enjoy freestyle boarding.

Size Adjustability

Factor in sudden growth spurts when purchasing children's snowboarding boots. Some models incorporate the EVA Room-To-Grow foot bed that allows you to make adjustments if you hit the slopes and your child complains that the boots are suddenly a bit too snug. This type of snowboard boot is usually about midrange on the price scale.


Consider the availability of removable liners if your child is an advanced snowboarder. Miniature adult boots come standard with removable liners that may be heat-molded for the perfect foot fit. Avoid this boot for obvious reasons if your child is still experiencing sudden growth spurts, since the liner molding limits the snowboarding boot's use after sudden foot growth.

Soft Flex Versus Hard Boots

Slightly more expensive than average are soft-flex children's snowboarding boots. They present a marriage of comfort and accurate fit. The soft flex makes a boot comfortable for walking, while you can remove a heat-moldable liner to fit the boot perfectly to your child's foot. Such a boot is usually rated a freestyle boot that is also useful for all terrains of snowboarding. Note that your child receives the foot support needed from a molded EVA foot bed.
Other children's snowboarding boots are hard, and some children might not take to the restriction of movement. This is especially true if the youngster expects to also wear the boots walking to the lodge.
Kids who like to wear their boots while having a quick lunch at the lodge may find that soft flex is a lot more comfortable.

Sizes of Children's Snowboarding Boots

Shop with your child whenever possible; if your child cannot accompany you, bring along a pair of shoes she routinely wears to ensure that you get the right size. Keep an eye out for sizing charts that denote European measurements, since some imported children's snowboarding boots do not feature the American standard sizing. Generally speaking, a 10-year-old child's size 6 shoe corresponds to a European-rated size 38, whereas a 7-year-old's size 3 matches a European size 34.

Article Written By Sylvia Cochran

Based in the Los Angeles area, Sylvia Cochran is a seasoned freelance writer focusing on home and garden, travel and parenting articles. Her work has appeared in "Families Online Magazine" and assorted print and Internet publications.

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