Attractions in St. Marys, Georgia

Attractions in St. Marys, Georgia
St. Marys, Ga., is a quaint town on the St. Marys River. It stands as it was originally erected, as a romantic, Victorian village of white picket fences and full of gentile Southern hospitality. There are a number of tours you can take here, and you can wind down at one of the many riverfront restaurants or settle in for the night at one of the charming inns from yesteryear.

Green Elephant Ghost Tours

It began in 1995 when customers of the Whispers Coffee House began relaying stories of ghost sightings. Claims arose that a little girl dressed in her Sunday best was making appearances. In 2002 the business was destroyed by fire, but the building was reconstructed the following year. That's when one of the catering services in the building became home to a very mobile green elephant. The proprietor would enter the business to find the elephant in a variety of different places on any given day. That's when the owner decided to create the Green Elephant Ghost Tours.

Every Friday at sunset, brave tourists meet at St. Mary's welcome center to embark upon a 90-minute ghost tour. Orange Hall is the first stop and thought to be the most haunted building in all of St. Mary's due to the numerous sightings of a ghost thought to be that of 8-year-old Jane Pratt, daughter of the very first pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. From there it's off to the Goodbread House Inn, a bed-and-breakfast thought to be haunted by the gentle spirit of Captain Goodbread, who is thought to give "warm hugs" to guests as they sleep. Scarier still is not the sightings but the "feelings" of "Old Hugh," who is rumored to grab people's legs before they fall asleep at the historic Riverview hotel. More tales of headless pirates and ghostly glows above the marshes abound during this titillating tour.

406 Osborne St.
St. Marys, GA 31558
(912) 882-4000

Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

If you prefer to take your tours during daylight hours, then the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge may entice you. The largest wildlife refuge in the East Coast, it offers acres of wildlife and water to behold on your 90-minute tour offered by Okefenokee Adventures. It starts at the Suwannee Canal, and you are guided through the swamp to observe the daily life of alligators, blue herons, turtles and more. Birdwatchers and naturalists can take advantage of a more-in-depth four-hour canoe tour.

4159 Suwannee Canal Road
Folkston, GA 31537
(912) 496--7156

Waterfront Restaurants

Complete your tours by relaxing at one of the many waterfront restaurants in St. Marys. Borrell Creek Landing is a marsh-front restaurant offering outdoor dining for lunch and dinner. The oldest restaurant and bar in town is Captain Seagle's seafood restaurant. It includes a martini bar and waterfront bistro for visitors and is open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner.

If you prefer a casual breakfast overlooking the beautiful waters of St. Marys, then you may enjoy the home-style food offered at Riverside Café and Restaurant, which is open from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Borrell Creek Landing
1101 Hwy 40 E.
St. Marys, GA 31558
(912) 673-6300

Captain Seagal's Waterfront Cafe
105 Osborne St.
St. Marys, GA 31558
(912) 882-3242

Riverside Cafe and Restaurant
106 W. St. Marys St.
St. Marys, GA 31558
(912) 882-3466

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