The Best Fishing Lures for Winter

The Best Fishing Lures for Winter
Winter fishing presents some differences that are unique from the spring, summer, and fall fishing seasons. During the winter, fish will typically not be as active or be feeding as heavily as during other months. Fish, when given the opportunity, will also many times head for deeper waters where they suspend and wait rather than chase food. Changing lures is a must for the angler who wishes to pursue fish from warm months to those which are colder.


Jigs are lures which feature a heavy weighted head attached just below the eye of the hook. There will typically be a skirt of various coloring attached above the bend of the hook. Jigs are highly effective on a wide variety of fish due to their ability to quickly get down and stay down near the bottom of lakes and ponds where fish may be lying. Jigs may also be rigged with trailers such as plastic split tails and pork rind frog legs for added attraction.

Rattle Cranks

Rattle cranks are crank baits which feature small ball bearings inside the body of the lure. As the lure is retrieved through the water, the bearings rattle against the body of the lure. This rattling noise is highly effective on winter fish as this is often times a wake up call to dinner for slow and lethargic fish during winter months. There are many different types of rattle baits; however, one very popular style is the Rapala Rattle Trap.


Plastic baits are perhaps one of the most versatile types of bait available to fishermen today. Easily converting from season to season use, plastics are well adapted to winter fishing. The key is to provide enough weight to allow the plastic to reach the depths at which fish may be lying or suspended. Weights for plastics are available as round lead "egg" weights, bullet style weights, and more traditional crimp on weights. Each of these types will create differing effects on plastic baits and each are effective at presenting baits to deep lying fish.

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