Hiking Tips During Hunting Season

Hiking Tips During Hunting SeasonIf you hike during hunting season, you should follow several basic safety tips and understand how to pick hike locations and what to wear. You should try to avoid popular hunting areas and make yourself easily recognized by hunters.

Avoid Hunting Areas

The best way to stay safe during hunting season is to stay away from areas hunting is allowed. Hunting is generally forbidden in National Parks, State Parks, and city parks. On the other hand, hunting is often allowed in Wildlife Refuges, National Preserves and National Forests. When researching sites for your next hunting-season hike, check to see which sites allow hunting.

Wear Bright Colors

If you decide to hike in an area where hunters may be present, be sure to wear bright colors. The idea here is to make it clear, even from a good distance, that you aren't an animal. Orange hats and vests are the most commonly worn articles of clothing to alert hunters to your presence. Avoid wearing your feather headdress or samurai antler helmet.

Make Distinguishing Noises

As you hike, make noises only humans make. While these noises might upset hunters, safety is more important than keeping everyone happy.

Article Written By Johnnie Chamberlin

Johnnie Chamberlin lives and works in Bloomington, Ind. He holds a Master of Science in civil and environmental engineering from Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley. Over the last five years, he has written numerous articles for several magazines, trails.com, and other websites. He is the author of "Trails of Little Rock."

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