What is the Closest City to the Grand Canyon

What is the Closest City to the Grand Canyon
The area around the Grand Canyon is called the Grand Canyon Village Historic District. It contains the Grand Canyon Village, which is an official census-designated location. It contains historic landmark buildings and is located on Grand Canyon's South Rim in Coconino County, Arizona.


The Grand Canyon stretches over 277 miles across Arizona. Most of it is a part of the Grand Canyon National Park. The canyon's width ranges from 4 to 18 miles and its depth reaches 1 mile in some parts. The canyon area is filled with plateaus, caves and waterways.



Many Native American groups currently live around the Grand Canyon in old towns and settlements. Havasu Village, located in the western region of the canyon area, is home to the Havasupai and Hualapai people. The Navajo Nation has a number of settlements on the eastern side of the canyon.


The Grand Canyon sits in Northern Arizona in an area filled with cities and small towns. Near the Grand Canyon South Rim, you will find the cities of Tusayan, Williams and Flagstaff. Tusayan is very small and about 7 miles from Grand Canyon Village and 2 miles from the main southern entrance to the canyon. Williams is approximately 60 miles south of the Grand Canyon. Located about 80 miles southeast of Grand Canyon National Park, Flagstaff is the nearest major city with over 60,000 residents. Traveling about 80 miles northwest of the North Rim, you will find Kanab, Utah, while Page, Arizona, is approximately 120 miles northeast.


Flagstaff is a great city for shopping, eating regional cuisines and for local live music. It was founded in 1894 as a rest town for mountain climbers and travelers. Williams is called the gateway to the Grand Canyon because it is close enough for tourists to take a short-distance train to the canyon. This historic city has a population of 2,940. Page, which has a population of around 7,000, is another popular historical town. It is close to Arizona's Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Tourists interested in visiting the Navajo Reservation should check out Tuba City. It has a population of 8,864 and is 80 miles northeast of Flagstaff.


These canyon towns and cities profit from their locations next to the Grand Canyon. Most of these cities have special tours that guide tourists through the historical sites in the area. These cities are also known to have great antique and artisan shops that feature authentic crafts, jewelry and artifacts from the Grand Canyon region. The Grand Canyon Railway connects many of these towns together, creating a network perfect for tourism. Travelers can explore entire area on vintage rail cars.


Article Written By Kori Ellis

K. Ellis has traveled extensively throughout the United States. She has spent considerable time hiking, camping and fishing throughout New Mexico, Arizona, California and several other states. From rugged hikes down the Grand Canyon to scenic strolls through the Jemez Mountains, she has experienced it all.

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