Snorkeling Near San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

Snorkeling Near San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico
The Los Cabos Corridor of Baja California, Mexico, an 18-mile stretch of coastline between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas has a number of premiere snorkeling locations. Some are secluded and offer no facilities, while others offer rental shops and restrooms. One thing most dive and snorkel locations in Baja have in common is colorful fish and marine life. Bring your own snorkeling equipment and an underwater camera.

Snorkeling at Bahía Chileno

Baha Chileno an underwater preserve. It offers reefs teaming with tropical fish, corals, sponges, sea turtles and eels. You can access this incredible snorkeling beach Off Highway 1, southwest of Hotel Cabo San Lucas. Snorkeling here is best during morning hours. You can rent snorkel equipment at Cabo Acuadeportes dive shop located in a palm hut at the south end of the beach or bring your own. Facilities include shade palms and restrooms, however, you will need to bring your own toilet paper. There are no lifeguards or snack shops. Turn at Kilometer 14.5.

Playa Las Viudas and Santa Maria

Playa Las Viudas or Widow's Beach is near the demolished Hotel Twin Dolphin. Secluded coves, volcanic rock formations and coral reefs make this beach another adventure-filled snorkel and dive location. No services or restroom facilities are available at Playa Las Viudas. Turn at the marked entrance at Kilometer 12.5. Crystal clear water with an abundance of tropical fish and a protected pink sand cove make Playa Santa Maria, a marine sanctuary near Widow's Beach, one of the best snorkeling locations near San Jose del Cabo. Visibility is prime in the morning. You will need to bring your own snorkeling equipment and other necessities. Turn at Kilometer 13.

Playa Monumento and Playa Palmilla

When conditions are calm you can snorkel at Playa Monumento, a beach located below the Sunset Da Mona Lisa Restaurant not far from Cabo San Lucas. You may have to share this site with a few surfers. Turn at Kilometer 5. Playa Palmilla is a serene protected cove, rated as the best swimming beach by Frommer's Travel Guides. It is ideal for snorkeling and diving and is popular among residents. It is located five miles west of San Jose del Cabo next to the One&Only Palmilla resort. Take Palmilla exit at Kilometer 27.

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