Great Smoky Mountains Hiking Trails

Smoky Mountain Hiking Trails
Nestled in the 500,000 or more acres that make up the Great Smoky Mountains are over 800 miles of hiking trails waiting for you to explore. Due to the large amount of land that the trails cover, you are sure to locate a hike that is suitable for your skill level.


The estimated time frame on any of the popular trails ranges from an hour and a half to a full-day affair. There are numerous campsites available if you plan to make your hike an overnight trip. Most campsites along the trails do not permit you to stay longer than one night.



The Great Smoky Mountains National Park lies in the eastern part of Tennessee. Elevations throughout the park range from 800 feet to 6,643 feet. The weather and temperature patterns change just as drastically as the elevations. In some locations of the park, nearly 90 inches of rain will fall each year.


The easier trails of the Smokey Mountains feature waterfalls and historic homesteads;, the more challenging of hikes, however, will take you to breathtaking, panoramic views, majestic bluffs and flowing creeks.


Before starting your trek on any of the Smoky Mountains hiking trails, you should always preview the map of trailheads. Even though all trails are marked, you should be aware of what lies ahead, such as ranger stations or campsites.

You should also be aware that bears are frequently seen on the hiking trails. Never leave food out or attempt to feed a bear. Bears attack when they feel threatened or aggravated. Respect the animals in the wild and they will, in turn, respect you.


Article Written By Angela Robinson

My family and I are avid campers. Having grown up in the Ozark Mountains, I have an appreciation of the outdoors. It has always been a big part of my life. As an adult, I enjoy taking my son to the places that I explored as a child. As a freelance writer, I enjoy most of all, sharing my knowledge, thoughts and experiences with the world.

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