Mosquito Netting for Sleeping Bags

Mosquito Netting for Sleeping BagsWhether you are in the middle of a major city, in your own backyard or in a remote forest, those mosquitoes will find you. There is a way for you to enjoy a good night's rest, safe from the dreaded bite of a mosquito. Simply placing mosquito netting over your sleeping bag is an inexpensive and useful solution to a never ending issue.


Mosquito netting is made up of mesh that is so small that mosquitoes cannot get through. The netting adds a much-needed level of protection for you when you are trying to enjoy a night's sleep. By using mosquito netting for your sleeping bag, you greatly reduce your chances of being infected with mosquito-transmitted diseases such as West Nile Virus or malaria.


Mosquito netting can be purchased at any hardware store or sporting goods store. Most are made just to fit over a sleeping bag, others are made in a box style to allow you more head room. Regardless of the style, mosquito netting is made to fold into a very small size and weigh only a few ounces.


Mosquito netting comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. All are rather inexpensive compared to the amount of protection they provide. You can purchase netting that will drape over you and tuck under your sleeping bag, or you can purchase a freestanding net that pops up like a miniature tent over your sleeping bag. Other mosquito netting is made in a box style to allow you to sit up and move around while in your sleeping bag.


The benefits of the mosquito netting outweigh any inconvenience that you may encounter while under it. To know that you are protected from pesky mosquitoes and their vicious and sometimes disease-ridden bite is a comfort as you try to enjoy your outdoor camping trip. To further enhance the beneficial protection from mosquitoes, spray the netting with mosquito repellent prior to each use.


When camping with your family, you should purchase mosquito netting for each sleeping bag that will be used. If purchasing mosquito netting for a small child or a person who tosses and turns while asleep, purchase a self-supporting net that will prevent the camper from becoming entangled in the night.

Article Written By Angela Robinson

My family and I are avid campers. Having grown up in the Ozark Mountains, I have an appreciation of the outdoors. It has always been a big part of my life. As an adult, I enjoy taking my son to the places that I explored as a child. As a freelance writer, I enjoy most of all, sharing my knowledge, thoughts and experiences with the world.

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