Steak Houses in Montreal

Steak Houses in Montreal
Montreal is a city like no other and as such has restaurants as unique as their hometown. Canadian smoked meat and fresh seafood (especially Canadian lobster) is a featured highlight for many Montreal steak houses but the best eateries in town bring their own special character to local delicacies and traditional dining.

Bâton Rouge

The Bâton Rouge brings Southern charm and barbecue to Montreal. Known for its famously succulent ribs, the restaurant offers Louisiana favorites to Canadians and visitors such as pulled pork sandwiches and southern-style apple pie as well as tender steaks customized exactly as their guests request. If rare is still too overdone for your liking, Bâton Rouge serves steaks "Pittsburgh" style only slightly seared with a cool center. The restaurant's features don't end with the food either. The intention behind the design of Bâton Rouge was to design a warm, inviting space conducive with savory Louisiana supper. The friendly yet refined ambiance in combination with Southern charisma and cooking make each trip to Bâton Rouge an enjoyable one.

5385 des Jockeys
Montreal, Qc H4P 2T8
(514) 738-1616


Reuben's is a Montreal must. The downtown restaurant opens every day at 7 a.m. for breakfast and continues through lunch to dinner. As a steak house and deli, Reuben's creates an ambiance for its guests that is both elegant and comfortable, much like the food. Using quality smoked meats, Reuben's creates enormous sandwiches on freshly baked breads such as its Millionaire's Club, the 1-lb. Big Bang Sandwich, or Reuben's Sandwich, which is, of course, a lavish take on the classic. Salads at Reuben's also reach "epic" proportions and are piled high with fresh ingredients. Both the Deli Cobb and the Jimmy the Greek salads provide a sizable and gratifying meal. Steaks and seafood round out the traditional steak house fare to make Reuben's an excellent choice where everyone's sure to find something they love.

888 Ste-Catherine W.
Montreal, Qc
(514) 861-1255

Rib 'N Reef

Rib 'N Reef is thankfully not only for serious connoisseurs but aficionados of wine, cigars, and the finer epicurean delights will find a new love in their stunning selection of each. Visitors should expect to pay for the affluent atmosphere in addition to everything on the menu. After all, the Rib 'N Reef's own website claims it is "For People who sign off their own expenses." That being said, there is nothing like a dry-aged steak served with the finest wines available in the world and followed by a Cuban cigar in the upstairs lounge.

8105 Decarie
Montreal, Qc, H4P 2H5
(514) 735-1601

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