Costa Rica Birding Tours

Costa Rica Birding Tours
Encompassing 12 ecological zones, Costa Rica is home to an astounding diversity of fauna and flora. More than 850 species of birds have been recorded, including more than 200 birds that fly through the continuous migration corridor that Costa Rica provides, giving birders the chance to see species that generally reside in other areas of the world. The best way to see birds in Costa Rica is to take a tour, where a knowledgeable guide can help you make the most of your trip.

Costa Rica Gateway

Costa Rica Gateway provides private birding tours. Because these tours are designed in consultation with you and your party, there is no set date or pre-arranged itinerary. The tour company will help you design an itinerary based on your interests and budget, provide naturalist and bird guides, arrange transportation within Costa Rica and assist with lodging reservations. Continuous support during your tour is provided. For novice or casual birders, itineraries can be designed that visit the most popular birding sites with comfortable accommodations and restaurants to dine at. For avid birders looking for a more adventurous trip, tours can be arranged to more remote locations based on your targeted species, using modest and clean dormitory style lodging with cafeteria dining.

Costa Rica Gateway
Sbo-840 P.O. Box 025292
Miami, FL 33102-5292
Toll Free: (888) 246-8513
Local Phone: 011-506-2-433-8278

Tropical Feathers

Tropical Feathers specializes in eco-friendly birding tours to diverse mountain, coastal and rainforest Costa Rican habitats. The company is involved in conservation efforts and organizes workshops to educate people on the importance of birds in our environment. Pre-designed small group tours (no more than eight people) are available from 10 to 14 nights for novice as well as avid birders. Custom-tailored tours can also be arranged, providing a full complement of travel services, including itinerary, expert guide, lodging, meals and in-country transportation. For birders who only need information and suggestions on birding locations and help with designing an itinerary, the company provides this service at a modest fee.

Tropical Feathers
Apdo. 482-8000 Sunny Travel
San Isidro de El General
San Jose, Costa Rica

Cotinga Tours

Cotinga Tours offers scheduled and customized small group birding tours that are designed to maximize time in the field, beginning shortly after dawn and on into the evening for owling. Each evening the group gathers to review the day's events and go over bird lists. Tour participants will enjoy birding by land as well as by boat, to optimize the possibilities of viewing the widest range of species, from rainforest birds to shore birds. Cotinga Tours offers other tours of Costa Rica as well, such as eco-education and nature tours. Student expeditions are available, with fundraising opportunities for students to pay their tuition by selling Costa Rican sustainable, fair-trade products.

Cotinga Tours
5762 Main St.
Elkridge, MD 21075
Costa Rica Office:
San Jose de La Montana
Heredia, Costa Rica
Toll Free Phone: (888) 205-6415

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