Pennsylvania Hiking Clubs

Tioga State Park PennsylvaniaPennsylvania has over one thousand miles of trails for long distance hiking and hundreds of trails for short distance hiking. Many hiking trails are created and maintained by the dozens of hiking and trail clubs located within the state. Many of Pennsylvania's hiking clubs conduct daily, weekly, and/or monthly hikes, including overnight trips.

Allentown Hiking Club

Allentown Hiking Club is a member of the Keystone Trail Association, the Appalachian Trail Conference, and is sponsored by the Allentown Recreation Bureau. The club maintains more than ten miles of the Appalachian Trail and was first formed in December, 1931. The AHC holds monthly meetings at the St. Timothy's Lutheran Church on Ott Street in Allentown.

Batona Hiking Club

Batona Hiking Club is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Batona is a unique name deriving from "Back To Nature." BHC has hikes scheduled every weekend regardless of weather. The club partially maintains the Appalachian Trail, the Horse Shoe Trail, and the Batona Trail. BHC offers a subscription-based schedule which is printed twice a year.

Appalachian Mountain Club

Appalachian Mountain Club is a large hiking club with offices in Pennsylvania as well as four other states. AMC's Pennsylvania office is located in Bethlehem. The club has been enjoying the trails of the Appalachian region since 1876. The club offers 8,000 trips each year, ranging from local chapter activities to major worldwide excursions. The club maintains over 1,500 miles of trails, including 350 miles of the Appalachian Trail across five states.

Pocono Outdoor Club

Pocono Outdoor Club is a member of the Keystone Trails Association, formed in 1989. The POC emails weekly activity updates to any member who requests the updates. The club takes pride in protecting trails and working to bring more trails to Pennsylvania. POC conducts maintenance of many trails, including Indian Trail at Big Pocono State Park, Thunder Swamp Trail, and The Big Bear Swamp Loop.

Chester County Trail Club

Chester County Trail Club was formed in 1970 and is based in West Chester, Pennsylvania. CCTC maintains various sections of trails throughout the state including nine miles of the Horseshoe Trail, twenty five miles of the Brandywine Trail, twenty-one miles of the Mid County Trail, and five miles of the Mason Dixon Trail. In addition to hiking, club members also pride themselves in conservation. The club offers a variety of hikes in the immediate area, but also conducts longer trips to other trails.

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